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Augment your content for 1 Billion online video viewers

VisioCloud is the world’s first App Store providing apps to augment online videos.

Video publishers simply drag & drop the selected apps on top of their videos and publish the augmented videos online. Apps include VOD, live multiparty video debates, videoconferencing, voice/video telephony, call center, 3G video calling, games, quiz, etc.

Augmented videos are distributed on any internet connected device through Netvizio’s browser-based player, seamlessly aggregating video streams, apps, telecommunications services, two-way interactivity channels and in-app micropayments. All delivered seamlessly as a full in-player experience. No software installation is required.

Publishers can easily monetize content & apps thanks to in-video micropayments capabilities based on premium SMS or 3G voice/video calls. No credit card or account login is required, fostering impulsive purchase.

Manage your Content and Ads

Netvizio delivers to video publishers a cloud-based and end-to-end solution to manage and augment their assets on a single platform.

Along with the App Store, Netvizio’s platform includes a robust Content Management system to easily:
- Ingest, manage, syndicate, publish the content
- Brand and customize the player
- Analyze users engagement
- Manage billing

Our platform integrates with major advertising networks and servers, as well as world leading Media Asset Management and Content Management System solutions.

Publish on PCs, Connected TVs, Smartphones

Video publishers can easily syndicate and distribute their augmented content on any internet connected device, including PCs, smartphones and connected TVs.

Netvizio’s player, which is native to the browser, requires no software installation, and can run seamlessly the video as well as the attached apps, the premium content and the telecom services.

These augmented videos are completely viral. They become a new channel to deliver apps, premium content and telecom services across websites and social networks.

Measure & boost engagement

How big is my audience? What apps do viewers play most? On which device? Do they share augmented videos on Facebook or other social networks? How much time do they spend on telecom apps? How many premium SMS have they sent for my last VOD?

Netvizio provides a comprehensive set of real time analytics tools enabling publishers to deeply analyze users’ engagement in their augmented videos, and measure the performance of the apps according to geographies, devices, networks etc…

Publishers are then able to take measures to boost engagement, modify in real-time their augmented videos with no need to redeploy them, push live interactive apps and call to actions such as polls and ads overlayed on their online augmented videos.

Financial reportings give publishers a clear picture of the financial performance of their augmented videos, including micropayments revenues and advertising revenues per video, apps, region, etc.

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Add a telecom service layer to your content strategy

Deliver new video and interactive IPTV experiences for NGBN networks.
Add telecom services to online videos and TVs.
Provide App Store-based services to OTT players.

Augment value
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Grow and Better monetize your audience

Deeply engage your TV audience.
Achieve global reach with OTT delivery.
Monetize with embedded in-video payments and augmented interactive ads.

Augment video
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Better engagement, branding and buzz

Create a unique engaging experience for your target audience. Deliver new Ad experiences on PC, Connected TV and Smartphones.
Augment Ads with apps & telecom services.

Augment Ads

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