Add a telecom service layer to your content strategy

Augment your Retail Content Portal.

Augment your retail video portal on mobile, connected TV and PC,
with in-video Apps & Telecom Services

Multi-party video conferencing, video chat, ingoing and outgoing audio calls, SMS.

integrated micropayment solution letting viewers instantly purchase content or apps with a premium SMS or phone call.

In-player support center allowing viewers to start real-time conversations with agents, pushing clips
and downloadable files to viewers' player.

Improved navigation and keyboarding on connected TV, using smartphones , tablet devices, or even hands gestures.

Reach a global audience

Reach a global and massive audience by publishing your augmented content Over-The-Top on any
internet connected device, including PCs, smartphones and connected TVs.

Provide our App Store as a turnkey service to Over-The-Top players

Earn a higher return from your Network by providing High Value Added Services for video augmentation
to OTT players.

Operate our white-labelled App Store, customize it according to your needs, and provide it as a service
to your B2B customers.

Leverage the potential of ultra high-speed Next Generation Broadband Networks to deliver these services
in High Definition and High Speed.