Grow, engage and better monetize your audience.

Regain the heart of your TV audience with interactive TV Apps.

Engage your audience in interactive experiences on TV

Interactive live TV with voting and video chat.

Telecom services, like HD video-conferencing, real-time and visual ecommerce services, home mail, video chat, outgoing and ingoing video and audio calls, SMS.

VOD with tagged people, products and places enabling in-video shopping.

Multiplayer TV games, including motion games and social games with other connected TVs.

Integrated micropayment solution letting viewers instantly purchase content or apps with a premium SMS or phone call.

Improved navigation and keyboarding using smartphones , tablet devices, or even hands gestures.

Leverage the potential of ultra-high speed Next Generation Broadband Networks to deploy these
innovative applications over-the-top in High Definition and High Speed.

Reach a global audience.

Reach a global and massive audience by publishing your augmented content Over-The-Top on any
internet connected device, including PCs, smartphones and connected TVs.

Monetize your audience beyond traditional advertising.

Offering a critical mass of value-added services on top of the basic online videos ensures the ability to
charge viewers, either on a subscription base or transaction base.

Viewers can use their phone to instantly launch premium content and apps in their player, with no need
to register, fostering impulsive purchase.

Viewers engage in interactive ads that are much more cash-rewarding for you.