Create a unique engaging experience for your target audience.

Deliver new Ad experiences on PC, Connected TV and Smartphone

Clickable in-video products allowing viewers to roll their mouse over products, see overlayed information and click to launch apps or buy.

Interactive motion games using the viewer's hands or even your product as the controller.

Premium apps (social contest, social multiplayer games) launched by SMS.

In-player support center allowing viewers to start real-time conversations with agents, pushing clips and downloadable files to viewers' player.

Real-time interaction between viewers and ads, enabling viewers to shake their smartphones to participate in a lottery on their video for example.


Augment your online ads with apps and telecom services.

Simply drag & drop on your video pre-roll the apps you selected in the App Store.

Tag and track in-video objects, people and places. Augment them with rich information and apps

Manage your media plan in real-time. Change your video’s interactive experience at anytime

Create buzz.

Viewers can share your videos along with the entire interactive experience across social networks.

Integrate with any Ad Network.

Deliver your interactive ads easily through your existing ad networks and servers.